**Update on the Stand-alone Solar Pedestrian Light System**


S/N-002 foundation and battery box is installed within City Limits!  Code is fully aware of this step and we continue forward together.  Steel poles are due this week so metal “sculpture” portion should be up in 1-week.  Bas assembly for S/N-002 has internal “pins” mod thanks to Luther at Industrial Steel!  What Team players!  We have a meeting scheduled with Florida Solar Energy Center April 17th 2:00pm to discuss the low-voltage 12-volts DC circuit. You can see prototype on table picture!

February 2017–Serial number 001 is up and the battery box poured (not shown).  The foundation is engineered to withstand 150-mph wind up-lift loading.  Sacrificial anode protected, sealed LED lights, and low-power COLORED Led light show on-the-hour!  Free cell phone charging station and security web-enabled camera (always on at night).

A 1:100 scale model of a 3-story shipping container housing complex
A 1:100 scale model of a 3-story shipping container housing complex


September 3rd 2016 UPDATE–We spent $800 and a number of hours preparing the 40-footer only to be told by the tow company during the site visit that the container is  not in a condition that it can be moved. The tow driver said the container is structurally unsound.  we are re-grouping and learning from this mistake.


A successful implimentation model is being followed that was developed by Bill Strickland


Key Success Factors

  1. Zoning/acceptance of shipping- container housing unit (2-unit prototype)
  2. Modular design for easy replication
  3. Artistic, ultra-modern design, “tiny house”.
  4. Environmental friendly and easy demolition/relocation as neighborhood expands & is revitalized.



Phase 1 is to “stack” dry shipping containers on-site for all to see and comment.  Shades and some minor artistic flare to be incorporated.  This will be a NON FUNCTIONAL static DISPLAY ONLY.

Stacking costs ROM:  $1000

Shipping Container Rental Fees all Hi-Cube (3-months rental):

2-each, 20-foot long containers:

3-each, 40-foot long containers:

$200 per delivery of each container = $1000

$250 average rental per month per container (normalized) = $3750 for 3-months

High-Reach Rental 8-hours $1000

TOTAL:  $5750 Rough-order-Magnitude ESTIMATE

Fundraising Strategy

  • Press-release strategy
  • local community engagement/curiosity
  • Church involvement
  • On-site donation boxes



Specification & Design for Modern Solar-powered stand-alone Pedestrian Street light.  Unique feature(s) are: multi-colored LED’s along pole length(s) auto control for whit-light LED head(s), expandable, shade-triangle upgrade available, expandable to hold keiosh screen, free small device charging station, Wi-fi.


Titusville Fl. is the closest town due West of Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Florida (approx. 8-miles).  It was established in the 1800’s on the river as an early American trading post & Post Office.  It has flourished and is now on the edge of massive prosperity both as a city and for the opportunity for individuals to serve, learn and enjoy the natural surroundings of pristine coastal Florida.

The current downtown over-all architecture strongly supported by residents to this point has been traditional, 1800’s-1900’s themed.  Its residents currently enjoy small-town feel with managed growth.

It is projected that before 50-years are out, KSC will be launching, transporting, and/or otherwise commercially supporting space tourism, government Mars bases & exploration with some commercial launches occurring on a near daily basis.  A High-speed rail spur is expected within 10-years supporting the Port of Canaveral with an interchange close to the southern border of Titusville (within 10-miles).

Architecture/design consideration for this project should consider a “transitional” architectural style/goals.  Ultra-modern & space-aged designs shall also be considered acceptable.

Functional Requirements:

Street light life-cycle for this project shall be minimum 50-years (for structural & electrical hardware design purposes only).

LED lighting only for this solar project

Battery is specified as 2-each Wal-Mart AGM (12v) car batteries or like.

Alternate: Battery:  Shuriken SK-BT70 12-Volt High Performance AGM Power Cell Battery 1650-Watts

Batteries need to be mounted within an enclosed secured box providing easy access for maintenance.  As does the charge controller. Room for future wifi transmitter & antenna cable run should be present.

Specification shall include pole design & ground mounting to a user supplied 4’ X 4’ level concrete pad.

desired  to allow 2-person installation with no special equipment or training. Preferred if possible to make the design easily assembled by hand, and field mountable without special crane or lift truck.  This project is going to be used to employ and train local underserved labor and teach them new skills along with installing these units in their own neighborhoods.

Wiring harnesses potted and keyed connector snap-lock to minimize field installation time and potential for cross-connect.



End of Project Beta Description.

Project Gamma (y)

Mobile Application for “Firefighting up-to-date news feeds with World Peace Water”

I have a vision for pulling news feeds from various sources that would display as “trouble spots” on a Globe.  Priority feeds would be those for wars, conflicts, geo-political issues, refugee migrations, etc.  These would be depictied as flames/fires.  Persons would use a limited amount of “World Peace Water” to select what they found as a priority to spray-out.

Monitizations aspects could be data-mining what the user population found as priority, charge news outlets fees for displaying in the environment, charge users fees for obtaining more water.  Although Ex-Odyssey One Goal is educational & senergistic for this environment we do realize and understand the commercial aspects of applications and would partner this copyrighted idea with anyone willing to code it.

End of Project Gamma Description.



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