On August 2019 it was decided to voluntarily dissolve the Corporation.  The rationale for this decision was lack of finding engaged board members after a 2-year search.

Details of the final “Light to Unite” (S/N-003) deployment can be found in the 2018 Federal Tax filing on this website.  THis Corporation may be dissolved but I won’t stop working towards the goals that brought this corporation into existence.  Kevin Panik

Updated Sunday 24March2019

With the blessing of the UCF Church congregation ( I spoke this Sunday to let them all know we are taking the following package (pdf download is just below this) to the Titusville City Council Tuesday 26March2019.  I have 3-minutes to present these 4-pages.  This is not a decisional meeting…too bad.

Launch from HERE Titusville_r1


Update 7JAN2019

Here is our Information package (PowerPoint link below this text) concerning all aspects of the “Light to Unite”.  You are welcome to download it and share it with anyone you feel may want to help the vision of a United America.


Update 11/15/17

We took out our first paid advertisement in 2017.  A  Melbourne, Fl.  area Church. Ascension Catholic Church weekly bulletin.  we are published once a week from November 2017 thru January 2018.  It is not your standard advertisement.   It questions the reader.  Faith is powerful in the quest for World Peace, but can faith alone get us there?  Let us begin the dialogue in a civil and respectful way…

11/11/17 We have a fully functional “Light to Unite” on UCF Church property at 609 Dummitt Ave, Titusville Fl. 32780.


S/N-002 foundation and battery box is installed within City Limits!  Code is fully aware of this step and we continue forward together.  Steel poles are due this week so metal “sculpture” portion should be up in 1-week.  Bas assembly for S/N-002 has internal “pins” mod thanks to Luther at Industrial Steel!  What Team players!  We have a meeting scheduled with Florida Solar Energy Center April 17th 2:00pm to discuss the low-voltage 12-volts DC circuit. You can see prototype on table picture!

February 2017–Serial number 001 is up and the battery box poured (not shown).  The foundation is engineered to withstand 150-mph wind up-lift loading.  Sacrificial anode protected, sealed LED lights, and low-power COLORED Led light show on-the-hour!  Free cell phone charging station and security web-enabled camera (always on at night).

A 1:100 scale model of a 3-story shipping container housing complex
A 1:100 scale model of a 3-story shipping container housing complex


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