This is who we were:

Advance all Humans riding SpaceShip Earth by thoughtful innovative ideas & projects. SpaceShip1 Goals: hands-on jobs, Space Exploration, and World Peace.

A fully transparent Corporation. We didn’t make you have to visit the IRS website to find our tax information. Here are the files:

Internal Revenue Service IRS approved October 2016 as 501C(3) non-profit corporation:

Our Federal IRS Tax Code is:
“T70 Fund Raising Organizations That Cross Categories”

Tax Return 2016:
990PF Sept 2016
Tax Return 2017:
FINAL Tax Return 2018:

Ex-Odyssey 2018 Tax

All information on our by-laws and Corporate structure (when we were active) can be found on That is the official site for Florida Corporations.

Corporate Principal(s) and Board Members are not financially compensated at this time. Stock options may be coming…

SpaceShip1 says, “GOALS and Projects first, then compensation.”

Board Members were welcomed to apply. Value: diversity of thought, action and hard work ethic.  Contact: Kevin Panik. Total Applicants=0.