1st Annual “Holiday HAM’s (Amateur Radio Operators) for the Homeless” Celebration

Extending invite to all!
Limiting tickets to 100-people
Free Event!
No commemorative coin (This is a one-time event)

Bring together friends, family and others along with Amateur Radio Clubs to meet for a Remembrance (Pearl Harbor Day) and Holiday Celebration on Friday, December 7th 2018 to benefit the Homeless in Brevard.

To show our country that we can come together as a community of friends and help others.

Celebration Details:

Holiday gifts for Brevard’s homeless. Keith Wohr will produce a video of them receiving their gifts 1-week before the event. The video will be played after dinner and as dessert is being served so you can see the actual smiles of our Brothers and Sisters less fortunate this time of year that we are helping.

PLEASE, PLEASE join us on Friday, December 7th 5:30pm.

If atmospheric conditions permit a pre-planned radio contact with Pearl Harbor (honors table) shall be made and put over the PA system prior-to the invocation.

Where?: Indian River City Civic Center 4220 S. Hopkins Ave. Titusville, FL. 32780 (100-max people)
“2-Parties in One”.
• Phase-1 is a sit-down catered dinner
• Phase-2 is a dance with vinyl records and alcoholic refreshments for donation. Local craft beer tap!
**PLEASE NOTE** The music will be via records & recorded music.
4:00pm-5:00pm (set-up tables, and band equipment)
5:15-6:00pm Socialization (VERY light music in background WW-II “Swing” & recorded music) .

***SPECIAL NOTE!***We are understanding of persons with hearing-aides so no loud music.

6:05pm (Invocation, Radio Call to Hawaii)
6:15: Dinner (Caterer: Brandy Crisafulli, of Life’s Celebration) (self-serve line 2-each)
7:50pm (approx.) start dinner clean-up
7:55-8:07pm View the video presentation of OUR gifts being given to homeless families in local Brevard (pre-taped).
8:08pm-9:00pm (socialization/VERY light music,activities).
9:00pm 11:00pm Dancing
11:30pm Guests given 15-minutes to end of party announcement.
11:45: Celebration officially closes.
11:45pm-12-midnight (final clean-up stowage of tables & chairs).

Financial Considerations & More Details

Ticket “Price”

Suggested is $1 each ticket. (paypal krpanik@earthlink.net) or this website paypal. Please make a note that payment is for 2018 Holiday Hams for Homeless. This is a suggested donation ONLY.

Actual Photos of Caterer Set-ups!
Website Link to follow soon!

Celebration POC
Kevin Ross Panik (KD4GLZ)
Email: kpanik@hotmail.com
Personal iPhone 321-313-5618
Volunteers to help organize are ALWAYS welcomed!