We are 3 Engineers brought together by geography—Brevard County Florida on the beautiful “SpaceCoast” of Florida.  Once we LISTENED to each other we found a common thread—a strong belief in Space Exploration and helping advance the human condition. Leave something for the future.  So we did the following:

Not-for-Profit Corporation  was established on July 4th 2016 and is properly listed on the  Florida Sunbiz website.

Our Mission:  Promoting the advancement of all Humans riding SpaceShip Earth using innovative thoughts, ideas, and funding methods. Targeted Goals for Ex-Odyssey ONE include Space Exploration, Earth Synergetic solutions, and World Peace.

We are working on our 501 c(3) Federal paperwork for a Private Foundation.  We are reading the IRS tax code and (because we are self-funded at this point) are doing this all by ourselves.  If anyone would like to donate their time to help us navigate this complex process please contact us.